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Professional Training Technologies, Inc. continues to upgrade our Generic Fundamentals program to set the industry standard.  Well, it looks like we will have done it again with the complete set of NRC Generic Fundamentals exambank solutions.

This product will be provided (along with our 11 x 17 "paper brains") for every GFE class we teach.  It will be the quintessential source of exambank understanding for either your students (if PTT teaches your class) or your instructors (if you teach it in-house).

Instead of the students trying to "memorize" the bank, they can actually understand why a choice is right or wrong, making comprehension of the materials easier.  This knowledge is provided in a very easy to use format that is linked off the actual NRC GFE exambanks that are posted twice a year.  Updates can also be provided depending on the method by which you purchase them.

For more information on this exciting product, as well as our already successful "paper brains", click the link below.

NRC GFE Fundamentals Products/Services

To contact us to secure our services for upcoming GFE classes, or just to get more information, click here to send us an email.

PTT, Inc. provides Instructor Training services to the nuclear industry on various Microsoft Office products to make your instructors as efficient as possible at developing and delivering your training materials.

To learn more, , click here to send us an email.


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