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Creating a Document Management System in Word

Summary of DMS Instructions

Let's review the necessary steps to successfully use the DMS System provided (or one you create yourself).

The main template file needs to be placed in a folder specified by your Startup options. This way the template is opened each time Word is opened, providing you access to the toolbar button and thusly the forms.
The actual template forms you use need to be in another folder (preferably a subfolder of the folder above). If this folder location changes, the code needs to reflect this change.
If you add a new form/button, you need to change the Name property to the next OptButtonx number as well as change the code behind the OKAY button to reflect the added form (add 1 to the latest number).
The caption property of the button needs to be the EXACT same name as your template form you want to access (minus the ".dot" extension).

One additional thing you must keep in mind. Since this system is designed to allow everyone access to your various company forms, the only way to update the DMS Master.dot file is to have everyone out of Word. Since this file is opened automatically when a user opens Word (it is in the Startup Folder), all users MUST close Word to update this file. You can always make a copy, make the needed changes, then update the file after hours. It is really a small price to pay to streamline your word-processing needs.

We hope that this has provided you a good introduction into creating your own Document Management System. If you would like, PTT, Inc. would be more than happy to create a custom system for you. The small amount of time (and cost) spent upfront is easily overshadowed by the cost-savings of the system.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Bill Foley, Professional Training Technologies, Inc.

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