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Creating a Document Management System in Word

UserFormDMS Form Design Specifics

Before we get into adding new objects to our form, letís review the VBE window for a specific object. The figure below shows the Properties Window of the option button on the first TAB.

OptButton1 is an OptionButton object

The Name is OptButton1 - keep in mind that when you create new OptionButtons, the name will be "OptionButton1". You will need to change it to "OptButtonx" as described below.

The Caption property is "Employee Expense Form"

The default properties of a new button will not need to be changed. All you will need to do is to rename the button to OptButtonx, where "x" is the next number in sequence of buttons you have on your various TABs. Then you need to change the Caption property to be exactly the same as the file name of your template. A good idea is to have Windows Explorer open to the templates folder, select the file, highlight and copy the file name (before the ".dot") and paste that information into the Caption property box. That way you ensure the names are exactly the same. Do NOT copy the ".dot" and include it as part of the Caption!

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