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Creating a Document Management System in Word

Overview of DMS Template File

The brains of this operation is a template file that consists of the following:

  • A UserForm with the required buttons on it, along with the necessary code to open the desired template
  • A toolbar with a button that is designed to open the UserformDMS menu

This template file is placed in your Startup folder and is run every time you open Word. If you are working off a network and want everyone to have access, each computer will need to set their "Startup" folder to that server, path, and folder. This is done by clicking the "Tools" menu, selecting "Options", clicking the "File Locations" TAB, selecting the "Startup" folder and clicking the "Modify" button. Browse to the desired network folder where this template exists and select it.

Usually the best way to organize your template forms and this template file is to have a main folder on a network drive somewhere. Place this template file in that folder. Then create a subfolder where each of the companies' templates are stored.

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