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Helpful Links

The following sites are also great resources for PowerPoint questions/tools (in no particular order):

http://www.templateready.com/Powerpoint/Templates.html - Powerpoint Templates and Backgrounds.  Create professional presentations in minutes with our easy themed templates. Our categories include templates for many industries including Medical, Business, Financial, Sports, and more.

http://www.indezine.com/ - Run by PowerPoint MVP, Geetesh Bajaj.  He also runs the indezine.com and powerpointed.com sites and issues a bi-weekly PowerPoint Ezine. In addition, he is contributing editor for Presentations magazine and has also authored content for the Microsoft, Presentations.com, Presenters University, TechTrax, Infocomm and other web sites. He undertakes training and consultancy for PowerPoint, creates custom PowerPoint presentations and templates and is a featured speaker on presentation technologies.

http://www.soniacoleman.com/ - Run (from heaven) by PowerPoint MVP, Sonia Coleman.  Besides having a great array of graphics available on her site, it is the home of PowerLinkPlus, an add-in to create AutoRun CDs.  Sonia recently passed away, but her site and legacy continues to live on!  Sonia, we miss you and love you!

http://www.powerpointanswers.com/ - Run by PowerPoint MVP, Kathy Jacobs.  Besides being an expert on Custom Shows, she is also a recent author of the book, "Kathy Jacobs on PowerPoint".

http://www.mvps.org/skp/ - Run by PowerPoint MVP, Shyam Pillai.  The developer of several PowerPoint add-ins, and probably the definitive PowerPoint VBA expert!

http://www.awesomebackgrounds.com - Run by PowerPoint MVP, Taj Simmons. His web site name says it all. If you want to find some awesome PowerPoint templates, visit his site!

http://www.echosvoice.com/ - Run by PowerPoint MVP, Echo Swinford.  She has several tutorials on hot PowerPoint topics, including a "do it yourself" tutorial on creating an AutoRun CD.

http://www.rdpslides.com/ - Run by PowerPoint MVP, Steve Rindsberg.  Steve is noted for the definitive PowerPoint FAQ site and is the other co-developer of RnR PPTools.

http://www.powerpointmagician.com/ - Run by PowerPoint MVP, Glenna Shaw.  Besides having some great game downloads for kids, she is our resident expert on the Accessibility of PowerPoint.  If you need any assistance on Assistive Technology as it relates to PowerPoint, check out her site!

http://www.PowerfulPowerPoint.com/ - Run by PowerPoint MVP, David Marcovitz.  Besides being a professor at Loyola, David has written a PowerPoint book on VBA.  He has lots of free examples of code used in his book on his site.  I highly recommend buying the book!

http://pptheaven.mvps.org - Run by PowerPoint MVP, Shawn Toh (tohlz).  PowerPoint Heaven - The Power to Animate, is a site containing PowerPoint movies, showcases, PowerPoint games, animations templates, samples and tutorials on creating advanced/amazing animations for your PowerPoint Presentations.

http://www.rondebruin.nl/Google.htm - Run by Excel MVP Ron De Bruin.  He has an add-in for Excel, Word, and PowerPoint that makes searching Google, NewsGroups, and/or Microsoft Knowledge Base easier when you have questions about the software.  Check it out!