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PowerPoint FAQ: UserForm Example


The following discusses how to capture information using a UserForm (requires VBA) and use that information in a text box on another slide.  This process is done using the built-in programming of PowerPoint (macros) and thusly requires the Macro Security to be set to MEDIUM.

The NOTES page of Slide 1 explains how this process is done.  The tricks to accomplishing this task is to be sure the following are followed:

  • Make sure that you name each object on each slide that you want to reference using the NameShape macro provided.  This macro was provided by one of our fellow MVPs (Shyam).  To learn how to use this macro as an add-in that can be available on every presentation, download the "Rename Shape/Slide add-in" on his downloads page at: http://skp.mvps.org/download.htm.


  • Keep in mind that to reference an object you also need to reference the slide number that it resides on.  If you move around slides, code might need to be changed to reflect this new slide number.  For example, if you want reference the text in the textbox named "Name1" on Slide 2, the code would be - ActivePresentation.Slides(2).Shapes("Name1").TextFrame.TextRange.Text


  • Sometimes it might be easier to assign text to a rectangle object instead of a textbox.  The object on Slide 2 of the sample download file is a rounded rectangle that has text assigned to it based on what is typed in the respective textbox on the UserForm.

Download File

To download the zipped file, click here.  If you would like to learn how PTT, Inc. can create customized presentations using VBA, contact us at info@pttinc.com.  Be sure to check out the CBT sample at http://www.pttinc.com/cbt_development.htm.